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Reviews of drums
Can't Decide?

MRP does NOT sell sticks and cymbals-We are exclusively manufacture our own High Ended Drum Sets, Snare Drums, Hardware and Pedals-Nothing else!

Unlike the high pressure environment you find in a big box store, MRP takes a personal one on one approach to designing a kit with you every step of the way. Mark Ross himself helps you tailor the correct drum kit or snare for your particular playing style.

You may already have a clear cut idea as to what you may want. If you need help Mark will guide you not only building the kit of your dreams around you but most importantly how your new sound would best benefit you and your musical situation or style.

Some ideas of musical styles and kit configurations to use as a guide are-

Need some help deciding? No problem. We DO offer quite a number of drums to help you get your drum sound happening so let me give you a hand! I've outlined some sample drum sets that can make your choosing a bit easier. Take what musical style you play and compare it to the sample. That should give you a good idea.

Remember: These are only samples. MRP Drums prides itself on being able to deliver ANY size or finish that you have in mind for your project! Don't see what you need here? Email me and ask me for additional help!

Pop / Alternative
You'll sound great with these sizes and will be able to play musically with any type of pop/alternative band.
MRP Masters or Performer Series Drum Set with:
16"x22" Bass Drum
5 1/2"x14" Snare Drum
8"x10" Tom - Tom
8"x12" Tom -Tom
14"x16" Tom -Tom
Cost From $2940 and up depending on Finish Options.

These drums feature deeper sized shells to cut. For any loud volume musical situation. Snare Drum and Stainless Steel are for the heavy-handed player who demand more musically in terms of volume and projection.
MRP Masters or Performer Series Drum Set with:
18"x22" Bass Drum
6 1/2"x14" Snare Drum
6 1/2"x14" The 20 Ply
8"x12" Tom-Tom
9"x13" Tom-Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
Cost $3100 and up depending on the Snare Drum Model and finish you choose.

Heavy Metal
This Drumset has deeper toms and floor drum toms for a deep rock sound, a larger sized bass drum and our World Famous Stainless Snare renowned for its incredible sound, projection and volume. This is one powerhouse kit that will draw attention!
MRP Masters or Performer Series Drum Set with:
18x24 Bass Drum
6 1/2"x14" Stainless Steel Snare
10"x12" Tom-Tom
11"x13" Tom-Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
16"x18" Floor Tom
Cost $4,305 and up depending on the finish you choose

This kit highlights smaller toms for a faster more articulated sound. The Performer Series Drum Set takes it to the next level with its multiple-ply toms which makes it a very melodic and musical sounding drum set. This kit also has a Soprano Snare to add yet more sound versatility to the mix. A 20 ply snare is a perfectly matched snare for this Performer Series Kit.
MRP Masters or Performer Series Drum Set with:
16"x20" Bass Drum
5"x13" Snare Drum
5"x13" 20 ply Snare Drum
5 1/2"x12" Soprano Snare
7"x8" Tom-Tom
8"x10" Tom-Tom
8"x12" Tom-Tom
12"x14" Tom-Tom
Cost $3470 and up depending on the Snare Drum Model and finish you choose.

This kit accentuates small punchy drums that Elvin Jones made popular. You could use a 22" Bass Drum to fatten up the sound even more. This 4-piece kit with thin ply shells will bring back that Classic Jazz Drum Sound! For the Jazz cat depending on the finish you choose.
MRP Masters or Performer Series Drum Set with:
14"x18" Bass Drum
5 1/2"x14" Snare Drum
8"x12" Tom
14"x14" Floor Tom
Cost $2260

Funk requires a huge "boom and crack" sound to turn that groove into an ass shaking performance! The 20 ply snare pops like mad while the punchy 20" kick lays that foundation down with authority!!
Masters or Performer Series Drum Set with:
18"x20" Bass Drum
3"x13" 20 Ply Snare
8"x10' Tom-Tom
8"x12" Tom-Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
Cost $3040 depending on the finish you choose.

Need more help deciding? Email your questions to me