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Reviews of drums
Hardware options

No other company offers more hardware color options than MRP Drums! You found the perfect color for your drums - Now put build the perfect color frame around it!

High Polished Chrome is the standard finish of most drum hardware. Its cool appeal is that it's a perfect fit with ALL drum finishes.

Black Chrome
This is a Hardware finish that really makes you stand out! It's an attitude and a statement! Striking and beautiful, our Black Chrome can easily be matched up with almost any finish. Same high polished finish but with a darker black color. Our Black Chrome has a mirror finish to it that is 100% reflective like chrome. Our Black chrome finish does NOT chip or wear off - It is PLATED to the stand permanently.

Adding Black Chrome Hardware to a drum is a $100 per drum option.

[MRP Hardware also offers our lightweight stands in a Black Chrome finish!]

Satin Black Chrome
Exactly as stated above in terms of quality except that the finish has more of flat appearance.

Powder Coating
Extremely popular choice with our artists! Virtually ANY color is possible although Gloss Black and Satin Black are the most popular. Powder Coating allows the Artist to express themselves with color on their drum set. Adding Powder Coated Hardware to a drum is a $100 per drum option.

Gold Plating
Elegant and Classy. It gives the drums a rich appearance that screams of being exclusive! Gold plating has a style that forces people to make double takes at your kit! Gold Plating adds $125 per drum.

Platinum Plating
An MRP Drum Company Exclusive!! If you want to set your self apart from everything and everyone while combining a beautiful AND striking finish, we offer something that has never been available before in the Drum Industry! With all of the precious metals in the world, we raised the bar in designing a frame for our drums that would look amazing on both a stage and in a museum showcase!

The Platinum Plating process has a mirrored finish that lands between an extremely light version of Gold Plating with a hint of real silver. It can easily go with any drum finish that Chrome can. Platinum Plating adds $150 per drum.