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Reviews of drums
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By now you probably have seen just how "Custom" you can get with MRP. But like we say-We are "Truly Custom" and we're going to prove it yet again! Since you're heavily involved in the design, finish and small details of your Custom Order Drums, every drum you order from us includes an MRP Shop Stamp on the inside of the shell. You'll be presently surprised that at the bottom you'll find the name of the person who designed the drum -YOUR NAME! Try getting that done from a mass produced drum company or any other custom drum company! MRP raises the bar once again and gives Custom Drums a whole new meaning along with a distinctive touch of class to every drum you order!
Personalized Stamp
Personalized Drum Badges
The MRP Drum Company stands for extreme personal service unparalleled anywhere in the drum industry. MRP Drums has added a special touch on Artists' drums with our Personalized Badges. You can show the ultimate display of pride in your new MRP snare or kit by adding your name and/or band on a personalized badge!!! Custom Badges
Custom 3D badges
The Characters on these badges are actually cut through the metal, allowing you to see right through to the finish!! Custom Badges