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Reviews of drums
Truly Custom Drums

MRP has taken the terms "custom" drums and made it into a mission. MRP Drums is a company that never looks at the competition to only copy what they're doing. This drum company moves to the beat of its own drum! Literally! Blazing our own trail of creative designs for drums, drum finishes and other innovative drum products is how MRP has excelled in the custom drum business and most importantly- We've helped countless professional Artists get their dream drum equipment!

Just to demonstrate that passion, more than a few Artists have been surprised to call MRP Drums as late as 10-11 PM to find Mark (who actually answers his own phone!) working away on a drum project! They thought they would be calling for a catalog... and they actually get the man himself!!

We do not just 'crank out' drums and drum products for the simple reason of loading up a catalog or copying competitors. We personally build each drum to order, one drum at a time and that has a lot of real value to our Artists!

Hand selected shells, precisely polished bearing edges and machined components are only just the start in how we create a great sounding drum. Our finishes reflect your visual personality covering the entire color spectrum from mild to wild. Its an open palette to both eye and ear when we work with our Artists toward reaching their dream drum set. We build ONLY made to order instruments and that is the true meaning of custom.