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Phosphor Snare Drums
It all started with our now extremely popular Solid Stainless Steel Snare Drum. As a truly unique cutting edge addition to our Special Edition Snare Drum Collection, we proudly introduce our Solid Phosphor Bronze Snare Drum. Precision Bearing edges on its .082Ó thick seamless shell combined with the painstakingly exact alloy makes for a very rich tone and a very resonant overall sound. The drum delivers in the high to mid-range with all of the same exact projection and sheer cutting power as its Stainless Steel counter part. In place of the typical air hole found on a drum, we cut the air vent in the drum with a PTK 875 Laser which actually cuts the company logo straight through the shell!
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Kit Image Phosphor Bronze
5.5" x 14"
Other Details:
Chrome Hardware
Kit Image Phosphor Bronze
5.5" x 14"
Other Details:
Laser Cut MRP Logo