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EdgeWorks Give your old drums new life with MRP EdgeWorks
Do you have an old drum kit that you can't part with but you want to dramatically improve its sound? Does your old drum set seem to have lost its sound since the day you got it? Maybe your not ready for a large investment in a custom kit. We offer an alternative with a lot of value for drummers.

MRP Drums spends a significant amount of time on bearing edges during construction. Now the same edges that are painstakingly crafted on to all MRP Drums can be re-cut on your drums! We've recut edges from Ayotte, Gretsch, DW, GMS, Tama, Ludwig, Pearl, and Sonor to name a few. Breathe some new life into your old drums! Huge bass drum overtones are easily noticeable, snare drums are given tremendous crack and increased tone as well as projection and tom-toms are much more resonant and lively after the bearing edges are re-cut by MRP'S Master Craftsman-Mark Ross.

In short, MRP can make a very noticeable improvement in the sound of your present kit and for a very small charge compared to the investment of a new kit with exception to MRP'S Prices.

You'll be amazed after having the EdgeWorks Service done to your drums-There is simply NO better upgrade that you could possibly do to improve your drum sound!!!

Here's How to Do it... Three easy steps!

1 : Packing

Remove the heads and hoops from the drums and pack your drums tightly in a box (or hard cases) , nested inside each other to save shipping costs and use packing material between each shell. Removing the drums lugs isn't necessary. Bubble wrap on the bottom of the box is ideal in protecting the drums' new edges.

2 : Calculate

Calculate your total with the price chart and figure for shipping. Drop a check or money order in with your drums for the total amount made out to 'MRP Drums' or 'Mark Ross Percussion'.

  • Turn around time is 2-4 days for a 5 piece kit.
  • Snare drums are 1-2 days. Your drum(s) will probably spend more time in transit then anything else!

3 : Shipping

The easiest thing to do would be go to Staples, The UPS Store or Post Office and pay for the return shipping in advance. You'll get a return sticker from them that you drop in the box with the drums and payment. We'll arrange and install the sticker for a quick and safe return to you the second they're done! Our shipping address is below-Print it out and take it with you if you have to!

If you can't pre-pay the shipping, leave your address and I'll get a shipping quote to add with the payment. Don't fear as drums as far as South Africa have come here and gone back without a scratch!

Get ready for a huge improvement in your drums' sound! Keep in mind, the EdgeWorks Service doesn't actually change the drums characteristic sound -It enhances the overall resonance and sensitivity creating beautiful, full overtones that you probably didn't think your drums were capable of producing!

While your having your drums hot rodded by us get some of your favorite heads. I always recommend fresh heads while we're working on your drums to get the full benefit of EdgeWorks! We create a new bearing edge so your drum can have optimum resonance and head-to-shell interaction. Old worn out heads won't seat properly since they're tensioned and formed to the old factory edge. We can supply Evans heads if you use them.

Please contact me if you have any questions on a drum you presently own.

6" to 16" shells are $50.
18" and 20" shells are $60.
22" and 24" shells are $70.
26" and higher-Call us.
Snare beds $25

Edgeworks Testimonials
Mark, I have a 13X16 Pearl Export 100% poplar shell with EdgeWorks done about 2 years ago. I put the drum in storage. I decided to tune it up and play on it, and, this drum is open and full! I currently use a Pearl Export 16X18 Floor Tom, and the 16 you did puts the 18 to shame! I would like to send you the 18" floor tom so this can be big and open!
-Thanks for your time, ERIC

Hey Mark! The heads are settling in on the drums and they have really opened up. you are right, the 20'' bass drum has a ton of bottom and the 16'' floor tom roars! I think I told you that I bought the drums off of ebay because I wanted a vintage Gretsch kit. the price was pretty good for a 4 piece kit that included a matching snare drum but once I got the drums, I tried different head combinations and couldn't get the drums to open up and sing. I was thinking of reselling the drums until a friend and fellow army bandsmen, Tim Huesgen, recommended you. You were nothing but delightful to deal with over both the phone and email. you were very helpful in describing what could be done to the drums. I think the total turn around time on the drums was something like 5 business days, and now the drums sound like a completely different kit! I would recommend your services to anyone with no reservations and complete confidence. you are truly a master craftsmen! Once I can convince my wife that I need another vintage kit, I'll be sure to send them along for the same treatment : ) thanks again,
-Larry Ferguson,VA

"As You Know, I am not a novice on snares. I know the how's, what's, where's and why's as well as most drum gurus, and you know the list of amazing snares I have. Well, the drum I have that most closely (and I did A-B them) resembles it is my Craviotto Lake Superior Maple. Yup. Really. No Joke. It sounds remarkably like a $3500 Custom Drum. It surpasses what I thought it could possibly sound like!"
-Chris Hankins, Washington

"You've never realized how much of your drums sound is trapped under "less than perfect" bearing edges. I admit I was sceptical, initially (as I was w/ Rims mounts at one time) but MRP's craftsmanship helped me "hear the light" so to speak. I had a Sonor Phonic (thick, 8 ply Beech shells,13",14",16" 22")kit done & these are the FATTEST drums I own. Needless to say, I was nowhere near as happy w/them before getting the edges done. I own about 9 or 10 kits now, & I revolve them w/every gig, & I find that this kit makes it out more often than anything else."
-Steven Lobmeier Evans Drum Heads - Artist Relations Manager

"After I ordered a kit from MRP, I sent MRP my beloved Ringo kit. When I put the kit back together I could NOT believe what I was hearing! AMAZING! For a few hundred dollars for the edges and new heads I didn't have to sacrifice my kit given to me by my father. I now feel like I have an insurance policy for my custom MRP Kit (that I'm too paranoid to take out because of its killer finish) when I play live! That's a very talented set of hands you have, Mark. Thanks a lot!"
-Milton Scaraceno, NJ.

"I changed head companies, head models-you name it! MRP re-cut the edges and snare bed on my 6 1/2" Tama Starclassic. I cannot believe the difference in sound. I spent more on heads than I did for the $50 for the service. I'm also able to put my triple flanged hoops on the snare drum for the first time instead of the Die cast hoops."
-Michael Zapata