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Jay Granata

Jay Granata began his path as a drummer at the age of 12. He initiated on an old 1960 Ludwig that was highly neglected yet vintage on its sound. Months later, Jay embarked in a band called Steem. After a year of performing and practicing Jay entered D.N.A Studios to record his first studio album, Speechless. After the release of, Speechless Jay continued performing persistently trying to build a name for himself as well as improving his musical skills. Two years later Jay entered D.N.A studio to record his second studio album, Sequence. The success of, Sequence brought Steem to the next level, the album was sold in stores, and Jay was becoming known for his talent and his performance on stage. At this point Jay was performing in front of an audience of 1000 and up. Playing in some of the most popular venues in Montreal which put Jay in a review on Montreal-Music-Scene saying:

Drummer Jonathan Granata plays the drums with fury and enough animation to be the center of attention, proving the comfort with his talent.

Months later Steem took their separate ways. Jay never gave up; he then went solo for two years working on a project called, Eplica.

In 2005, Jay was asked to be the drummer of Ace. Quickly evolving as a band, Ace was performing in sold-out venues. Months later, Jay entered the studio to record a five song demo album. Promoting their new material and conquering the Montreal area, Jay finally built a steady fan base and will enter the studio to record a final album bringing Ace to the next level.

Jay Granata is proudly endorsed by: MRP Custom Drums and Headfirst Custom BassDrum Heads.

Jay's MRP Custom Drum kit is:
Mirror Diamond Plate with Chrome Hardware
6.5" x 14"Aluminum Snare
10" x 8" Tom
12" x 9" Tom
14" x 16" Floor Tom
18" x 22" Bass Drum