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Jay Meerholz

OMINOUS is a three piece New Jersey Death Metal-based band that was formed in the Winter of 2001 by Victor Gonzalez (Vocals, Guitars) and Jayson Meerholz (Drums), who were brought together through an add in a musicians newspaper. Influenced by bands such as Obituary, Cradle of Filth, Suffocation and Cryptopsy, they started writing music right away - three months after their union, they recorded a four song CD sampler without a bassist. On the sampler included the songs, "What Is There For Me", "Intercorpse", "Lifeless", and "Emptiness". Their demo CD was circulated around the world immediately, as their fan base grew larger and larger from all over the USA, Poland, Russia, Peru, Brazil, Nova Scotia, Germany, Japan, Canada and Thailand; before they even played their very first show.

In March of 2003 the band recruited their first bassist, Eric Dahlberg. With a completed line-up, they booked their first show on May 16th 2003 at the Firehouse in Northern New Jersey. This show set the path for OMINOUS as one of the most brutal Death Metal bands in New Jersey. The band later played at the 2003 Milwaukee MetalFest on US Cellular Arenas main stage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. OMINOUS has shared the stage with acts such as Kataklysm, Suffocation, Deicide, Vital Remains, Dying Fetus and 25 Ta Life (etc.), and has gained a huge following through word of mouth and the spread of their 10 song demo CD, which they released in July of 2003.

In February of 2004, OMINOUS unfortunately had to dismiss bassist Eric due to personal problems which interfered with the band. After a few bass player changes, OMINOUS found their now permanent bass player, Drew Kerwin, who just happened to be a big fan of the band.

OMINOUS also has two music videos under their belt for the songs, "What Is There For Me" and "The Sleeper", that some loyal fans made for them. But in April OMINOUS filmed their first professional video for their song, "13 Years Of Pain" with director Micheal Saladino. Mike has worked with such bands as 40 Below Summer, The Used and Killswitch Engage. In March of 2004, Vocalist/Guitarist Victor Gonzalez designed and released his first Signature-Series guitar under Yavcon guitars called, "The Desecrator". In the fall of 2005 Jay Meerholz Signed a Deal With MRP Drums. And designed and Released his first Signature Series Drum Set "The Midnight Stalker" On August 3, 2006 Vic Gonzalez Signed an Endorsement Deal With Vader Cabinets to officialy use their cabinets "Extreme Cabs for the Extreme Guitarist"

In January of 2006, the band finished and released their debute album, "Intercorpse". OMINOUS have been voted band of the week for January and February in The Metal Review. OMINOUS is also one of the featured bands in the Heavycore DVD Roasting Posers Volume 1 and was also the Heavycore featured band for April. OMINOUS recently won the vote to be the featured band on All Things Metal where they competed against bands Flotsam & Jetsam and Jungle Rot. OMINOUS' CD is also being played on popular radio stations across the U.S. and overseas, such as these: (WSOU89.5FM, N.J.) - (88.7FM, N.J.) - (WRCT88.3FM, PA) - (WVKR91.3FM, NY) - (WXLV90.3FM, PA) -(97.9KFM, PA) - (KSPC88.7FM, CA) - (WXYC89.3FM, NC) - (KALX90.7FM, CA) - (KBGA89.9FM, MT) - (WZBC90.3FM, MA) - (RADIOK106.5FM, MN) - (Maddog Radio, Hawaii) - (RUN106.4 Belgium) - (Japan) (Malaysia) (China) (London)