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Julien from Happy Face

The band recorded their first demo in 2002 titled 'Histoire sans Paroles', blasting through twelve tracks in no more than fifteen minutes which received great reviews and showed a band overflowing with potential. Happy Face quickly gained a strong reputation on the French underground scene following a series of fierce live performances, and recorded their second demo 'Tah!!!' which was met with acclaim, even gaining them a host of fans as far spread as Japan.

Rather than just being a typical death grind band, Happy Face draw together a range of aggressive styles. With grind core, hardcore and death metal merged with a variety of time signatures and discordance, and the vocals relying on phonetics rather than words, the Happy Face sound is varied but constantly heavy. Akin to Napalm Death or fellow countrymen Nostromo, the chug-chug groove of Eternal Suffering and the timing of Meshuggah - a malicious blend of groovy, crushing death!

In 2004 Happy Face signed a management deal with H.I.M. Media, and spent the summer recording their first full-length album entitled 'Le Tigre'. At the end of the year the band secured a licensing deal with Anticulture Records, home of rising metal heroes Gutworm and Interlock. The album was released across Europe and now the USA to critical acclaim;

"A grindcore monster that will eat you up and won't even spit out the bones... both brutal as fuck AND innovative" 8/10 - Terrorizer (UK)

"Happy Face's debut is a winner" 8/10 - Metal Hammer (UK)

4.5/5 - Hard'N'Heavy (FR)

Happy Face completed several tours in Europe promoting 'Le Tigre' covering the UK, France, Belgium and Malta, playing with many great bands such as Deicide, Total Fucking Destruction, Cryptopsy, Dew Scented, Vomit Remnants and Visceral Bleeding and did tour with The Berzerker.