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MRP Endorsers

Lou Vecchio

Lou Vecchio is your perfect example of what is to come for the future of drumming. Lou formed his first band at the age of 13 and cut a full demo with this band at Runaway Studios. In this project Louis did weekend tours and played many local shows at popular venues. His second project was a very popular local band The Unlikely Heroes. Lou toured extensively with the Heroes, making a well known name for himself across the Island and off. They put out their first album which was in stores under the name Second To Last. This album was produced by John "the cat" Gatto. After a year of playing and touring for that album they recorded a complete ten song album with the Heroes at Sound Room Studios under the production and engineering of Tomas Constanza (former lead singer of Diffuser) and Rob Guariglia.

After the Heroes split up and Louis continued to work extensively. After working with Rob Guariglia at Sound Room Studios, Rob took Louis under his wing when he opened his own recording studio Lucky 7 Studios. It was here that Lou accomplished much studio time with various singer song writers, bands and projects that wanted Louis' talent. Lou's current gig is Raposo in which he's toured nationally and continues to do so. Lead singer of Raposo is Greg Raposo former member of platinum selling boy band Dream Street. Louis plays to crowds of thousands in this band and loves every minute he spends on stage behind his drums.

Lou's MRP Custom Drum kit is-
MRP Custom White Sparkle with Black Chrome hardware.

4" x 14" Stainless Snare
10" x 12" Tom
16" x 16" Floor Tom
16" x 18" Floor Tom
24" x 18" Bass Drum