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Luis Mancilla

Born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, Luis Mancilla moved to California at age 10, after jumping over the border and running away from 25 border patrol agents, (Just kidding!).

Entice formed in early 2005, with Dennis Saunders, Rowan Fraser, Isaac Leland, and Luis Mancilla. Mid-June of the same year, Entice began recording their first EP. Quickly things began to happen for these guys.

Entice began playing local shows, and the interest in Entice just came with it. Soon after, with a new manager and the help of the Internet, fans from all across the globe began sending messages about the band's first four songs. Kevin Lyman at the Vans Warped Tour agreed to give Entice shows along the California Leg of this summer's tour.

Entice's unique sound is what separates Entice from many of today's overflow of the 'sameness' along with a simplistic approach to issues that everyone can relate to.

A recent comment from one of Entice's recent shows: "Precise, animalistic nonstop power, and energy... That's what it felt like!" - Dusty Watson, (drummer to Slacktone, Dick Dale, & Agent Orange).

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Luis Mancilla