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Mike Benigno

Mike "Beans" Benigno came to love the drums at the age of five while participating in a Memorial Day parade with a soccer team. Beans recalls "I was directly behind the Apache Marching Band and the thunder of the drums absolutely blew my mind. I pretty much new, that's what I want to do. Its really my earliest memory". Now, just over two decades later Beans finds himself rockin full time. In addition to playing drums, he also produces and signed a publishing deal thanks to co-writing Kelly Osbournes "Shut Up" cd.

Beans has performed or recorded with Kelly Osbourne, Ric Ocasek, Pink, The Candybutchers, The Figgs, Drill, To The Moon Alice, Ric Wake,The Voyces, Michal Towber, Sarah Greenwood, Vixtrola, Kenny Davidson, Dibs Reaction, A&M, Geffen, Columbia and Epic records.