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MRP Endorsers

Steven Allen

Brett Barnes

Mike Benigno

Anthony Citrinite

Jay Granata

Julien From Happy Face

Jay Meerholz

Luis Mancilla

Mark Miller

James Moro

Steve Slater

Lou Vecchio

Looking for an endorsement?

If you'd like to join the MRP Family-Call Mark Ross directly at 516.766.1836.

Be advised that BEFORE you call - We require you to:

1- Send ALL CD's,Video and DVD's that best represent your playing. Attention -Mark Ross.

2- Include a bio of what you are doing at this time and even some of what you've done in the past. Please include all of your personal contact info as well.

3 - This step (and this is the most important one that weighs heavily in the decision making process) requires that you have a Full Tour Itinerary of the tour dates and cities where you'll be performing please also include ALL contact information of your management company you employ along with your booking agency to verify all information you send.

I look forward to hearing from you and possibly helping you with a drum, hardware and pedal Endorsement!

My Best and Good Luck!!

- Mark Ross