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Black Chrome Rack


MRP Black Chrome Rack System. We answered the call from our artists asking when will we be doing racks?

We answered the requests all while adding a ton of benefits to them along the way.

But why MRP Racks?

- Made from solid brass tubing since brass is a very musical material

- VERY streamlined appearance putting the spotlight on the drummer. We made it sleek to the eye while eliminating extra tubing where it wasn't necessary. No extra weight or clutter.

- More ergonomic fittings and clamps to make set up easier than ever while keeping the clean look.

-Eliminated all the unnecessary sound robbing rubber parts found on all other racks.

- Disappearing vertical cymbal holders featuring Mini-Boom Cymbal Arms.

- Legless Snare Stand - Opens up the foot space between the double pedal. no fear. Easily supports one of our 40 lb. Stainless Snare Drums! (See the NAMM videos)

- Available in Small Rack Set Up for 4 peice kits, Large Rack Set Up and Double Bass Rack Set Up. We can also work with you on a custom design just for your kit. rack