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Lightspeed Pedals


Ultra Fast / Ultra Smooth Action

Noiseless Strap design

Highly Adjustable Beater Angle

Highly Adjustable Tension

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction

MRP redefines

The worlds leading direct custom drum company that redefined custom drums and hardware now introduces the world's first and only custom bass drum pedal. We asked what you wanted in a pedal - so we built a pedal so incredibly fast, smooth, quiet and easy to play you might actually have to relearn how to play your bass drum! Everything you would expect from MRP Drums.
Reversible Footboard (Pat Pend)
Like our drums, you can quickly and easily customize your footboards to fit your playing. Now you can play faster, harder and easier than ever before.
Traction Side
Gives you more control, speed, and power for harder, more aggressive players.

Smooth Side
Let's you play faster than ever before with great feel.
Lightspeed Double
MRP Drums is not only a forward thinking company but one that keeps the Artist in the forefront. For example, Mark started asking scores of drummers about what they would want in a killer bass drum pedal 2 years before we even thought about launching our LightSpeed Bass Drum Pedals. We pre-empted any form of 'been there, done that' into our pedal while it was on the drawing board! Speaking of being forward thinking-Through all of the excitement we had while we were creating the pedal, we were inspired by the many advancements in the design that when we chose the font in the LightSpeed logo we slanted it 'forward' because not only were we thinking ahead of what anyone had previously done with a pedal - We were also excited about how we are going to even improve upon an already amazing product in the future! You'll see!

Due to our precise manufacturing process and high demand for our Lightspeed Pedal, there is currently a wait list. Please contact us if you would like to be added to this list.