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While we certainly appreciate the enthusiasm of our Artists,we NEVER edit anything someone says about our gear. Although with exception, we MUST abbreviate certain words in their content to protect younger people who may visit

Reviews of Drums

Modern Drummer Review
February 2000 Issue by Rick Van Horn
Download the PDF

Drum Testimonials

Mark, Great to meet you at NAMM. You have one hell of a product. I enjoyed hanging around your booth and talking with you. You're an honest guy in a room full of bull*%!t salesman.

Thanks again,
Jeff Strauss

Mark,Your booth/drums were one of my top favorites at NAMM and I'd like to learn more. I enjoyed your company AND your drums. I'll call you sometime soon with some questions that I have about your product and programs. You represent your product well and I felt that it was a great product with great reviews and clout to follow! Look forward to talking to you and I'm glad NAMM went well for you too I hope you're getting some time to relax after catching up from the convention. Contact me when you have time.

Thanks again,
Dustin Hall

Hey Mark.... You know. I have to say I'm impressed quite a bit when I hear other drum companies raving about your drums and hardware. That's exactly what I heard from a couple of cats from another company when I dropped by them! Keep doing what you do because you obviously do it extremely well.

Best to you,
Grant Murcer

EASILY the absolute BEST sounding bass drum I've ever heard in my friggin' life .I had to tell you that because I've played them ALL man! I heard it all the way beyond the Istanbul booth and had to see what the hell that was! We will do business soon for sure!

Tom Santino, Calabasas, CA

I heard from many people who met you prior that you were the most approachable guy in the drum business-It's true! Phenomenal sounding drums and an even cooler guy steering the ship at MRP Drums!

Nice meeting you Mark,
Monte from VA

Your "Tattoo" kit was the most visually striking kit at the entire show hands down! Just beautiful man! Truly nice meeting you too Mark.

Take care,
John Senkas

I'm so glad that I got the chance to play your drums and actually meet you. It was literally EVERY time I attempted to get near your booth that I couldn't because your booth was packed with cats!! The reviews about your snares and actually all of your drums are absolutely true because I played them myself! AWESOME! Honestly your kits sound amazing and the thicker snares pop and crack like mad. Wishing you the best until next year-Should I make an appointment first? HA!

You rock Mark.
Jeremy Fleet.KS.

Mark, I will probably want a kit for both my bands sometime in the future. Thanks again, your drums sounded great at the show, I can't wait to hear them miked up at a venue!

Steve Slater

Hi Mark,
the bass drum has reached my home in France this Saturday !!!!
so so so so so so great !
Man you did an amazing job once again... the sound is massive... amazing low end and presence... The 20'' kick sounds perfect and finish is beyond words !!! What can i say ?

Thank you very much again and I hope you and the team are ok :)

take care


First, let me say that I am not in any way endorsed by MRP, simply a very satisfied customer.

I've known Mark for about 3 years and he has some done some work on drums that I owned. I bought a snare drum from him in April 2007 which is great. I was having some trouble tuning it, so I gave Mark a call and asked how he liked to tune it. I was expecting something like "The top head should be a little tighter than the bottom." That is hardly what happened.

Mark asked me to take out the drum, then asked me to hit it. He listened over the phone and told me what to do, step by step, as far as which rods to tighten and how much, and what to do with the snare wires.

A few things happened:
1. The drum sounds amazing.
2. Mark proved he truly cares about customers by going way beyond the normal call of duty.
3. He tuned a snare drum OVER THE PHONE! How crazy is that?

I highly recommend him and his drums. When I'm ready for my all maple kit, Mark is going to get the call. The odds of me having a problem are close to zero, but in the off event that something does happen, I know the solution is a phone call away. Mark's website is

SPEEDMAN!!!! There are absolutely no words that could describe this Masterpiece that you built me. The looks and sounds are absolutely phenomenal. Personally, the last time I heard a drum sound like this was when I attended a Metallica concert. Thank You, for making my dream drumset come true. You are a true Mastercraft Marc Ross....

MRP Drums are not only custom but perfection in every aspect.


Jay Granata
Drummer of Ace

There are absolutely no words that could describe this Masterpiece that you built for me. The looks and the sounds that it produces is phenomenal. Personally, the last time I heard a drum sound like this was when I attended a Metallica concert. Thank You, for making my dream drumset come true.

You are a true Master Mark Ross!!!....

MRP Drums are not only custom but perfection in every aspect.

Jay Granata

I could hardly contain the excitement as I unpacked my new Birch MRP kit. The Tequila Sunrise finish was striking to say the least. The reds, oranges, and yellows faded into each other and the quality of the grain could easily be seen. But the real joy came when I set them up at the gig! The 22 inch kick drum was full and punchy. The toms 12,14, and 16 had a rich tone with lots of attack. And the snare drum had a nice round tone with a great crack and rim sound. I am proud to say that my MRP Custom drum set is the most focused and pure sounding instrument I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

Brett Barnes
Freelance musician/ Educator/ President, Nevada PAS

Hello Mark I'm Julien (drummer for HappyFace band). Just wanted to give u some feedback about the snare u built for me. I must say its amazing. Now I have played with it in the band and I must say that this drum is really awesome! It simply sounds perfect. I'm plenty satisfied with its sound and shape which make it the most beautiful snare drum I have ever seen. I've put a thinner drumhead on it so I can tune it a bit higher and its really awesome this way. When equipped with mics it simply turns crazy. So when u said this drum was able to shred off the wall I must admit u were right!

As we said in our rehearsal place "man this must have been forged in MORDOR!"

Take care, Julien

Talk about a company that 'has arrived'! Mark, Dee Stevenson here and I'm writing you to let you know that my new MRP Kit is actually even better than my first one!! That kit lives in my studio strictly for rehearsals but being lucky to have a second one now just for live purposes is awesome.The sound of the drums are SO huge and the finish, quite different from my first kit, is stunning. I'm sure you've heard this but the drums also happen to be pretty damn light also and that's also why I went with the 6 piece this time.

Michael Undergaard

Mark man!!!!!!!
I'd been meaning to contact you for a while and I finally got a chance as I'm presently in Ireland writing you! My kit is just absolutely freakin' awesome! Their sound is VERY deceiving with the shorter tom sizes and actually?..... I'm a little amazed myself as to how you guys get so much sound from small drums???? It seems that EVERYONE has something to say about the 20'' Bass drum.It sounds MUCH bigger than my old 22'' by far.Gets me thinking what your 22 must sound like! Now the finish is mine for sure but Hey! Guess you can tell I'm enjoying the kit a little bit? HA! Take care and I want to order up a Stainless Snare from you too!

Keep smiling,
John Toran

Just a note to express my gratitude for the work you did on the Tama copper snare drum. I originally bought the drum because of its volume and beefy sound. I found out too late that it choked up whenever I tried to tune it higher. The tuning range on this snare is now incredible. I can hear the shell sing no matter how high I torque the drum up. And oh man, is this thing loud.

Again, thank you.
Jim Moreland

Hi Mark,
I'm not much of a writer in fact my wife is doing it for me! Ha :) First thanks for calling me back right after I called you but be assured nothing's wrong! In fact its not even close to being wrong-Mark,my kit is SO unbelievably beautiful thanks to you. Everything you did like helping me pick the RIGHT sizes for the kit AND the right drums for my music as opposed to what I thought would be the right gear-All of that.The Stainless is amazing and the toms are so deep sounding but the real head scratcher is the bass drum.The guys in my band STILL think its got a mic in it and its only a 20'' My overall experience with you educating,taking the time you did and guiding me was outstanding. Although the thing that completely made me realize I had the right company was on the phone. All the interruptions you had while we spoke but let them go by since you were as you say I'm working with my Artist and I'll call them back as soon as we're done'........I believe you did too! You're a very rare honest guy who I think just happens to own a drum company. You're the best Mark,

Jared Lakely, Cleveland Ohio.

When I met you at PASIC and played your Short Stack Kit I was truly blown away by the sound. And the way they look too! Well dude, I just got the kit that I ordered after the show and it got here just in time for Christmas-Two Words-HOLY SHIT! I thought they sounded huge at the show but I can NOT get over how something so small could possibly sound so big!!!!!!! Hey surprise (or not really!) one of my students is going to be ordering a 'Shorty' from you next week so be ready!

GREAT job on the kit-Later

Mike Brunsell, St. Louis MS.

Hey Mark,
Thanks for the great job you did on recutting the bearing edge on my 12'' Ludwig tom. The first head I put on was a dud but the second head was in better shape, so the drum tuned up nice and easy and just saing! I'm supremely happy with the quality of the work you guys did and I feel the same about that toms' sound. And (in my opinion even though the bearing edges on the other drums have a single 45 degree cut to the outside, the drums all still blend together.

Steven J. Fla.

Hey Mark,
Great talking to you today! I'm still blown away at the drums you built for me. I can't believe how accurately you matched the sample I sent you but they are clearly the best sounding drums I've EVER heard and I'll tell you this too. NONE of the drums I played at Sam Ash down here sound as good as mine hands down, and I played them all! I think you said it best "There is no substitute for a custom hand built instrument" Your pricing isn't cheap I will say but compared to the other guys you have them beat by alot. Sound wise DW, Tama, Pearl -They should be ashamed (Price wise too) because I now play a much better sounding kit than all of those guys and I can honestly said I got much more than what I paid for -For a change! Ross, you are clearly the best drum builder in the business and I hope to some day meet you. Its no surprise you received a Review like that in the February Modern Drummer!

Steven J. Fla.

Dear Mr. Ross
I'm writing you today to thank you for my order yet again. The Stainless Steel snare has exceeded my expectations by quite a long way. I commend you for the manner in which you conduct your business being the owner of a large business myself. As promised your office message said you return all calls in 24 hrs and you did but even more impressive is the fact that you ,the owner, actually answer the phone is not heard of in this day. You give personal service the good name! I wish you continued success and good fortune Mr Ross.

Stephan R.

Hello Mark,
I just want to say that I love this site! It is so organized and it is o easy to find anything that I'm looking for. Any question that I ever had about the drums was automatically answered just by your website. I'm looking into buying new drums and I'm quite positive that I will be purchasing them from you. I also like the price ranges that you offer-I have looked around for sets from Tama ,DW and they gave me estimates of $6000-$7000 and I can't really afford that. So my brother recommended me to you and all the thing she told me about your company is true. I can have a custom set built for me FOR HALF THE PRICE. I find that and everything about MRP as beautiful.

David R. Williams

Dear Mark,
Tracy Weller here! I just wanted to say thanks again for making the PERFECT snare drum for me! This thing is just simply awesome! I can't believe you nailed the veneer. That is Tiger Stripe Maple-At its Best!!!!!I checked out the shell and it is just flawless. I mean PERFECT! I have been playing with the sound and it just has great tone! There is so much depth to the sound that its incredible. I play out with it tomorrow night for the first time and I simply can't wait. I am so thankful to you for building it for me and making my dream drum come to love. It means the world to me! I'll let you know if we are playing around NY in case you wanted to come out. Many thanks again.

Tracy Weller

Reviews of Hardware

Modern Drummer Review
November 2003 Issue by Chap Ostrander
Download the PDF

Reviews of Pedals

Keeping the Beat
February 2000 Issue
by Rob Cohen
Download the PDF

Pedals Testimonials

Hello Mark- I'm again moved to write you yet once more. Owning a positively amazing drum kit of yours for a few years now,then following up with your stands when you began offering them has been terrific. It only seemed natural to get your pedal. All I have to say is UNREAL! They're silent, quick ,fast and hit hard effortlessly. I think they make me play better since after I got used to them (which was almost instantaneous!) I realized that I began to actually think less....Even forget about thinking about my feet when I was playing! I proudly play all of your products and you have an Artist for life but you know what's scary? ....What new products you'll be making in the years to come! For the first time I can say-I can't wait for the future!

With Warm Regards Mark
Lucas Mainieri
St. Louis, MO

Hey LightSpeed Guys - Sick S--t!!!!!!!! Pedals are amazing.

Jeremy in Sausalito.

I never knew I could play so fast, so quick, so easily and SO SOON! I sat down and threw them on my kick and was flying out of the box! KILLER!

Mel Tarker

Yo! Your pedals are the S--T man! Fast and hit hard as mo fo! Brooklyn forever homeboy Mark!

Justin D

Ross Man?

I received my LightSpeed yesterday and I have to say (ONCE AGAIN!) being 'worth the wait' is a gross understatement! I've been slamming a Stainless of yours forever and it comes as absolutely no surprise at all ...Just another superior product from MRP Drums! Exactly what I would expect from you guys again and man did you deliver! Spring time rolls around? New Kit - YOU'RE building it for me!

Thank You SOOOOOO much Mark,
Les DeClane San Francisco,CA

EdgeWorks Testimonials

Yo Mark!

Just wanted to scream at you about my drums!.................And speaking of screaming?........The edges you did on my OC's are SICK! I have sound coming from them I haven't heard before.You really woke them up and UR also right about the bass drum too.......the guys did think the drum actually got louder but like you said...........It's just the new bigger tone that's coming out of them now!

Rock on and stay cool-You're the Master!


Mark, I have a 13X16 Pearl Export 100% poplar shell with EdgeWorks done about 2 years ago. I put the drum in storage. I decided to tune it up and play on it, and, this drum is open and full! I currently use a Pearl Export 16X18 Floor Tom, and the 16 you did puts the 18 to shame! I would like to send you the 18" floor tom so this can be big and open!

Thanks for your time, ERIC

Hey Mark! The heads are settling in on the drums and they have really opened up. you are right, the 20'' bass drum has a ton of bottom and the 16'' floor tom roars! I think I told you that I bought the drums off of ebay because I wanted a vintage Gretsch kit. the price was pretty good for a 4 piece kit that included a matching snare drum but once I got the drums, I tried different head combinations and couldn't get the drums to open up and sing. I was thinking of reselling the drums until a friend and fellow army bandsmen, Tim Huesgen, recommended you. You were nothing but delightful to deal with over both the phone and email. you were very helpful in describing what could be done to the drums. I think the total turn around time on the drums was something like 5 business days, and now the drums sound like a completely different kit! I would recommend your services to anyone with no reservations and complete confidence. you are truly a master craftsmen! Once I can convince my wife that I need another vintage kit, I'll be sure to send them along for the same treatment : ) thanks again,

Larry Ferguson,VA

Mark: This is Vinny Racaniello. You re-edged a set of Ludwig B/O drums for me back this past winter. You also made me new hoops for the bass drum as the existing ones were warped. Well, I had put the drums away for a while and was instead using my '63 Ludwigs but I finally, at long last, decided to take the B/O kit that you re-edged out. That bass drum friggin killed! I couldn't get over it. Really fat and present. An absolute joy to play. No more tired leg. I loved kicking that thing last night. The toms sang. The 12 was wide open and had a really nice round sound. It sounded RIMs mounted, but it wasn't (I don't like RIMs mounts) And the Floor tom was just thunderous. No more nasty overtones. A really nice complement to the 24. The drum stars were aligned just right last night for me to use the Ludwig Black Oysters!

Thanks Again. Vinny Racaniello

Thanks Mark. Unbelievable work!!!!!

Holy S--T............... You did a wonderful job and I am pleased as p--s!

I gave Mark a 40 year old Ludwig Maple snare that had been through many moves, sitting in damp weather, dragged around and not played for at least 20 years. The paint was peeling and all the chrome was pretty much wasted. I just got it back and you would not EVER know it was the same drum. I wish I could post a picture of before and after shots!!

Thanks again for such professional and timely work.... If I ever need any more work done, I'll look no further !!-You're the man!

Jim Farren - Lakewood CO.

Yo! You guys are the SHIT and Mark....?.........Dude? You rock supreme!

Much love and Thanks -
Preston Martin-NY,NY

Hey Mark,
I just wanted to relay to you the outstanding job you did on my drum kit! It made sense when you cut my edges a few months back to have you build my next drum kit for me but the results were MUCH better than I thought-Not very often for me to say that but looking over the drums (Being anal retentive- I'll admit) I found the craftsmanship and finish to be pristine! That really wasn't a surprise though. MOST importantly, their sound simply RIPS (Especially that bass drum!) and the band now feels like the drums and I have made the us sound better and plenty fatter!

Next for me? A Stainless Snare! Talk soon!

Justin Moude - West Palm Beach,FL

Dear Mark.
First, let me say that it was great meeting you. You are a warm, honest person that was a pleasure to do business with. Having been in the music/sound business for over twenty years, I have to say that I have come across some real knuckleheads in this business. So it was great to deal with someone that was so sincere and honest.

I had absolutely no hope for my set of 5 piece Gretsch drums. They never tuned right from the first day that I got them. The boxes they came in sounded better than these drums. And it wasn't just one or two of the drums that wouldn't tune but all of them were really hateful.

I dropped them off and you had them finished in a day! I brought them home and slapped a new set of heads on them and they were unbelievably easy to tune. The heads were in tune when I just hand tightened the lugs to the rims. The rest of the tuning was too easy....

So again Mark, thanks for the great job on the bearing edges and for making the whole encounter enjoyable.

Frank Marra - Ocean ,NJ

"I won't even play my drums until Mark does the edges. It's night and day. My drums tune up effortlessly and stay in tune much better than before. Mark is the only guy I let near my drums."

Sammy Merendino
Cyndi Lauper

"Well, I thought that old vintage rack tom of mine was never going to sing again, but the guys at MRP managed to coax some magic from it. What once was a bearing edge with more dips and peaks that the Andes, Mark was able to fine-tune into pretty darned good shape, without losing its classic sound. Thanks, guys."

Adam Budofsky
Modern Drummer Magazine

"You've never realized how much of your drums sound is trapped under "less than perfect" bearing edges. I admit I was sceptical, initially (as I was w/ Rims mounts at one time) but MRP's craftsmanship helped me "hear the light" so to speak. I had a Sonor Phonic (thick,8ply Beech shells,13",14",16" 22")kit done & these are the FATTEST drums I own. Needless to say, I was nowhere near as happy w/them before getting the edges done. I own about 9 or 10 kits now, & I revolve them w/every gig, & I find that this kit makes it out more often than anything else."

Steven Lobmeier
Evans Drum Heads
Artist Relations Manager

"After I ordered a kit from MRP, I sent MRP my beloved Ringo kit. When I put the kit back together I could NOT believe what I was hearing! AMAZING! For a few hundred dollars for the edges and new heads I didn't have to sacrifice my kit given to me by my father. I now feel like I have an insurance policy for my custom MRP Kit (that I'm too paranoid to take out because of its killer finish) when I play live! That's a very talented set of hands you have, Mark. Thanks a lot!"

Milton Scaraceno, NJ.

"I changed head companies, head models-you name it! MRP re-cut the edges and snare bed on my 6 1/2" Tama Starclassic. I cannot believe the difference in sound. I spent more on heads than I did for the $50 for the service. I'm also able to put my triple flanged hoops on the snare drum for the first time instead of the Die cast hoops."

Michael Zapata

"MRP was recommended to me by a friend of mine who owns one of their kits. I couldn't come up with the money at the time. Instead, I sent Mark my Superstars to re-cut. WOW! I'll tell you this - Seeing that MRP can make my present kit sound this good, its clear I will definitely be ordering my next kit from MRP! Beautiful."


"Hey Mark, I have to tell you how pleased I am with the work you did on the bearing edges of my 60's Gretch kit. Everything about them is better. They tune much easier and truer than before. I remember telling you that I like the toms tuned relatively high pitched and jazzy. Well, these drums are really handling that now. They have a fantastic presence and resonance. The snare opened up nice and the bass drum sound is cleaner and more defined too. Just what I was looking for. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about possibly losing that classic Gretch sound, but the opposite is true. Everything I originally loved about them is still there, just enhanced. I don't think I'll ever sell these drums. MRP Edge Works is my recommendation to any serious drummer who needs to get the most out of their instrument without spending a fortune. The personal touch, attention to detail and quality that you put into your work is really wonderful. Thanks again."

Drew Siciliano